Wedding Films

What’s it like filming weddings since Covid

I just want to say a massive thanks to all the lovely couples who have booked us to film their wedding in south wales throughout lockdown and the Covid restrictions.

It has been amazing to be back filming and doing what we do best. Weddings are long days as we are there from Bridal Preparations all the way to First Dance,  but we absolutely love it.

That has probably been the biggest shocker of all, the long days and standing up for the majority of it. But time does fly by on the day. During Covid when weddings were non existent, I was more of a stay at home dad looking after my two daughters and some schooling whilst my wife worked.

So far Finch Media has filmed a dozen weddings since June, the first one was filmed at Rosedew Farm and it was like filming our very first wedding again. 

We’ve had great compliments regrading their highlights film and have received multiple bookings because of it.

Things have changed with weddings, especially whilst there are restrictions. The main one being the ceremony. Most of this is down to the Registrars setting the rules. This hasn’t been a problem, only one wedding, which was our third we encountered a small problem. We had to rectify it in post which meant it took a little longer editing. Basically the registrar refused to wear a microphone as we had touched it. This has led me to always have anti bacterial wipes in my camera bag, so that I can clean it and they can put it on themselves. 

Before Covid we wouldn’t put a microphone on them anyway, only the Groom. But they now stand 2 meters away so the grooms microphones doesn’t pick them up a cleaning as we would like.

Other restrictions have meant guests can’t be interacting with each other as much as they usually would. 

One wedding was table service only, so literally no guests left their seats. There’s only so much footage me and the photographer can get when all guests are sitting down for 8 hours.

I can see wedding guests themselves have been enjoying being out and having a drink, as for some, they may have nit been out much.

From now until the end of the year we have roughly two weddings a month, so get ready for more work to be shown on our Facebook page and instagram account.

If you would like your wedding filmed? Please contact us today. We have three amazing packages to choose from and with our Silver package you can upgrade to Gold after your wedding as we have filmed your whole day. 

The majority of our weddings this year have been our Silver package and they have all upgraded as soon as they have watched their wedding highlights film.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our wedding films page and our social media channels for our films, prices and packages and give us a call.